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"Spokane is thriving! The region is home to innovative businesses, tech companies and startups in a variety of industries; and it offers a highly enviable lifestyle."


IgniteMatch.works is powering the connection between innovative, growing companies in the Spokane region and the greatest talent in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We believe our region is the place to be; so we are matching leading companies in the region with the best talent. Employers are hand selected, so only positions at the most dynamic companies are on IgniteMatch.works.


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Spokane (pronounced SPO-CAN) is located 4 hours east of Seattle, 3.5 hours south of Canada and 30 minutes west of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. A mixture of urban chic and outdoor adventures, Spokane has it all, including a river that runs right through downtown. Spokane offers easy access to trails, bike paths, mountains, ski resorts and lakes (76 within 50 miles!). Downtown Spokane has an abundance of restaurants, performance venues, breweries and a thriving art scene. Neighborhoods are tree lined with affordable housing and very short commute times. Residents appreciate the small-town atmosphere with the advantage of big-city amenities. Spokane is home to five universities and two medical schools, and has top ranked schools for kids.


Spokane is home to many flourishing startups and was ranked Inc. Magazine's 6th best city in the U.S. for entrepreneurial growth, 19th best for early stage funding availability and 31st best city overall for starting a business. The region has a concentration of informational technology, telecommunications and data services companies. In addition, Spokane is a health and life sciences industry hub with infrastructure, talent and clinical partners.